South East Governors’ Forum agrees to live peacefully with herdsmen in the zone.

The Chairman South East Governor’s Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Nweze Umahi has disclosed that Governor’s of the zone have agreed to live peacefully with herdsmen especially those that do not destroy their farmlands.

In a statement, Governor Umahi said that South East Governors find it strange for anybody to think that none locals in any part of the country including South East could be allowed to form vigilante outfit outside their domains.

He said that the rumours making the rounds that the Miyetti group wanted to establish vigilante groups in the South East might have been suggested by the group, but said no Governor would allow that.

Governor Umahi said that South East Governor’s have their local vigilantes working with security agencies and that any such demand by Miyetti group is a joke and not acceptable.

He said that Governors of the South East are doing their best to develop the region and are therefore ready to receive any insult from those they are leading as the price they pay for leadership.

The Chairman South East Governors Forum said that youths of the zone would be working against the interest of the people when the only job they do is to take on their leaders especially those who do not pay them dues especially Abia and Ebonyi Governors.

Governor David Nweze Umahi said that his duty is to develop, contribute in rebuilding South East and Nigeria, insisting that it is not in his character to insult others in order to achieve these targets.

He said that nobody, no matter the level of pretext can change his style of peaceful leadership and maintained that although Ebonyi State in particular has suffered so much even in the context of the South East, hate speech is not a strategy for solving her problems.

The Forum Chairman said the position of South East Governors remain that there is no Miyetti vigilante in the South East, no cattle ranch or colony but that they should live peacefully with herdsmen that do not destroy their farm lands, especially those that were born in the zone and have lived peacefully with the people.  

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